Join our leading team of professional drivers.

Our experienced team of drivers are establishing OpenRoad’s legacy as one of the best trucking companies to work with in the industry. We know how hard our drivers work, so we provide top of the line equipment, excellent benefits, and dedicated dispatchers to provide an unparalleled driver experience.

Why Drivers Love It At OpenRoad

Agile, Focused, and Driven

Our small size allows us to zero in our focus on our drivers in order to better serve and respond to their needs. We maintain a low driver-to-dispatcher ratio so that nothing gets missed. However, we simultaneously maintain an opportunistic mindset, which means you’ll be part of a company where opportunities for growth are endless.

Flexible Dispatch

We want our drivers to take the loads they enjoy. Our professional dispatchers are industry experts, and they leverage our diverse customer base to create the ideal driving career for our drivers.

No Red Tape

Our drivers always have a direct line of communication to the person best suited to address their issues, rather than a multi-layered management team that slows down progress. You have access to all people in the company.

Home Time Accommodations

We understand how important it is to get our drivers home for things that matter most to them. We work closely with our drivers to get them home on time, so they don’t have to miss out on anything.

Great Pay

Our driver-focused dispatchers work around the clock to get our drivers desirable loads with excellent pay. No matter what you’re hauling, you can trust that OpenRoad offers competitive compensation.

Passenger and Pet Authorization Programs

We understand that driving can be an isolated gig at times, so we work with our drivers to accommodate their companion.

Bonuses and Awards

The backbone of our operation is our elite driving force. We take pride in honoring and recognizing the hard work of our drivers through several different incentive programs including a Referral Bonus, a Company Driver Sign On Bonus, Longevity Awards, and Inspection Bonuses.

Modern Equipment

Our average fleet age is less than 24 months, and we fit up our tractors with the latest technology and hospitality conveniences.


We are simply committed to people. We know each employee by name, and we plan on keeping it that way. From company parties to the daily morning greetings, we work hard to actualize a culture that never rests in the pursuit of improving the lives of those we work with, and we invite everyone we meet to join our standard. Our company is made up of a collection of individuals who care deeply about the work they do, and our culture is an extension of the incredible people who call OpenRoad their home. These shared convictions that we bring to our professional and personal lives is our most fundamental strength.


Our dedication to being a high-ranking safety company is more than just a score – it’s a commitment to protecting our employees, our customers, and our communities. We don’t risk your safety for the sake a few extra miles on the road. When you have a safety concern or a maintenance request, our safety manager handles it immediately. Investing in safety is a long-term pledge that we are dedicated to fulfilling.

OpenRoad has given me an incredible opportunity to increase my pay in one of their new trucks. I am known personally by the owner and the Vice President, and they both treat me like I am their neighbor and friend. My dispatcher, Dave, makes sure I am safe and taken care of. I have been doing this a long time, and this company is just different. OpenRoad says they are family-oriented, and I truly believe that with all my heart. They make me want to work faster and harder, and I will stay with this company until I am 75.

Johnny, Company Driver, since 2019